About US

Team Cyber Moon was founded in 2018 with highschool students from Colegiul Național “C. D. Loga”. Ever since, we’ve grown into a family, learning from each other, making strong friendships and creating amazing memories. With hard work, determination and stability, we make a strong, accepting and creative team, full of wonderful individuals who continue to improve themselves with every challenge. With ingenuity and innovation, we plan to do our very best and push ourselves past our limits in every season we participate in First Tech Challenge.


Building: As the name suggests, as constructors our main goal is to build the best robot possible in order to mark the most points in the matches. The process of building the robot can sometimes be tricky, having to come with new open-minded ideas. Often we hit dead ends where it seems nothing can be done anymore, in those times a short break does the trick for us. Some components we need aren’t easily found so we need to build them on our own and thus getting a lot of experience. Sometimes we have to learn to use new tools and machines, for example 3D Printers, CNC’s and many more.

Programming: The programming department's job in team is to deal with the robot's functionality and sometimes with other platforms or projects that help the team. While working on the robot we do everything from binding the joystick's buttons to certain actions, projecting the autonomous period and even the physics related to the movement. We work hand-in-hand with the building department because some of our problems only have mechanical fixes, or vice-versa.

3D Design: The 3D design department’s main job is to work on tridimensional models and robot prototypes. These are made in a variation of 3D modelling programs, such as Creo and Blender. We analyze the necessary parts and transpose them into 3D, in order to create our own templates. Since our job is to design the robot’s main look, we work closely with the people in charge of building and assembling it. Designing it is a slow process, since we have to be as exact as possible, and we have to take every small detail into consideration.

Marketing: The marketing department is responsible of organizing different events. The preparation always starts way before the actual event, when we decide on a theme and location. After that, the marketing team puts a lot of effort into making everything perfect, to make sure that everyone has a great time. We are also attracting new sponsors which is a crucial step in developing the robot. We deal with everything, from finding people who are interested to invest in the team, to negotiating the deals, and then managing the budget.

Engineering Notebook: Our job in the Engineering Notebook department is to keep track of everything that the team has worked on. From presenting each member and department, to the goals we set for each season, we monitor every other department's activity. Things such our ideas, attempts, creative process, successes, problems, solutions, team meeting, outreach activities, it's all documented in the notebook.